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FTSC Board of Directors

FTSC is a volunteer not for profit organisation run by individuals who give up their spare time to support the club.

The next AGM will be early 2025.

FTSC Constitution (pdf document last amended January 9, 2022)

President: Laurence Gilbey                                                       

Tel: (506) 458-2707                                                      

Vice President: Jamie LeBlanc

Secretary: Kevin Smith

Tel: (506) 470-0471                                                   

Treasurer: Brian Lewis

Tel: (506) 454-4040                                                    


Joe Cairns

Tim Hicks

Chris Jones

Mike Love

Trevor Wasson

Code of Conduct for Members and Guests of FTSC

  • It is the policy of FTSC that all members and guests, at all events held at the club, shall treat each other with respect and make every attempt to conduct themselves in a manner so as to not embarrass other members and guests of FTSC by their words or actions.

  • Behaviour by anyone which has the potential to harm physically, mentally or negatively impact the reputation of FTSC or any of its members and guests shall not be tolerated.

  • Good sportsmanship shall be observed by every member and guest at all events sponsored by or held at FTSC.

  • The ethical environment of FTSC must affirm and reflect primacy of human dignity. It must encourage growth and achievement.

  • There shall be no use of profane, vulgar or offensive language or behaviour by any FTSC members or guests.

  • Any abusive treatment of fellow shooters and/or range/or club officials is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

  • All disputes and disagreements among FTSC members and guests shall be dealt with by following the FTSC Grievance Guidelines.

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